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We exist to bring personal safety into the 21st Century by utilising current and next gen technology to create innovative safeguarding products. Our mission is to help reduce reaction times to serious incidents and help safeguard users around the world by providing the tools necessary to be communicate effectively in emergency situations. Whether a lone worker, an online dater or a concerned parent, we are looking out for you.

Innovating & improving

We focus on creating simple, elegant, reliable products that are well priced and can be used by everyone, all around the planet. We integrate hardware and software to assist anyone in society that may feel vulnerable.
Our intention is to make everyones personal safety not only affordable and simple, but also seamless and intuitive. Our customers personal safety is at the forefront of why we exist.

The handi technologies team

Peter Woods

Founder, CEO

Adventurous and musical, practical and spiritual. A lover of logic and a keen bookaholic. Tongue-in-cheek and a bit of a geek.

Marcelo Bustamante

Co-owner, MD

Tie loathing family man, business man, fitness and wristwatch enthusiast who loves an adventure and the challenge of bringing new products to the marketplace.

James Grant


Our resident software developer and all round tech wizard. He’s happiest when he’s coding away into the early hours and writing about himself in the third person.

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